Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Capture 100% of your E-mail campaign click throughs

Universities have always wanted to do e-mail campaigns but have had difficulty in capturing who is clicking through to their website or landing page. Clicking through is the first step in a prospect exploring their educational choices and by clicking through to YOUR website it shows they have a higher than average interest in your institution. However, getting a student to click through and then tell you who they are has always been the challange.

Market Mapping plus LLC has solved that problem. We now have a program where we deploy your e-mail campaign, AND when they click through, we will provide you with the e-mail address and name/postal address of the person who clicks through. You will receive this file for your own use! You can follow up with them, prospect, contact them by e-mail/direct mail to see if there is a fit between what you offer and what they are interested in.

If this is a program that you would be interested in, contact Market Mapping plus LLC today for a free quote. There are millions of prospective students out there looking to complete their degree or get an advanced degree. Let Market Mapping plus LLC help YOU identify and sell them.