Thursday, March 18, 2010

Response is a two way street!

I read that statement the other day in one of my trade publications and realized that for many of us this is not necessarily true. The statement speaks for itself. If you build an advertising/marketing program in an attempt to attract new students, is the method of advertising being handled properly? Are these prospects being acknowledged? Processed? Invited to participate? \And most importantly, are they told EXACTLY how easy it can be to become a student and earn a degree?

So many institutions create a system that is focused on THEIR needs, not the students'. The hoops they have to jump through are many, and the end results are elusive at best. A constant review of your marketing process, looking at what you are using to generate response, coupled with building a program that responds appropriately to the prospect and gives them what they need is critical to a successful campaign.

Response IS a two way street. You send something out expecting a response. But what, does that response look like and is it "student prospect" friendly?